zondag 22 januari 2012

When the answer is right in front of you

From Monday to Saturday I work on my own projects or commissions. I'm kinda a workaholic and start feeling guilty when I sit down for a couple of minutes. Even if it's a break. But I do think it would be good to take the Sundays of and don't work on projects or commissions. On Sundays I will be theme-drawing but only recreational!
So I hereby declare; 'Detective-Sunday', as an (in my case) a recreational duty-bound day!
'Detective-Sunday' stands for: drawing favourite characters from detective/thrillers I read, in a style that would suit the story. For example: Birdman, Mo Hayder (2000), Dead Simple, Peter James (2005), Blindsighted, Karin Slaughter (2001). Can't help it! I just need an assignment. But I started out quite well last week. I must confess I worked on a page of the Afghanistan-comic, but I forgive myself.

So I'll start on the next character within half an hour, I'm not sure which one next, but I'll find out in a moment. First, let's get back to the title.

About two years ago, I was working on a sci-fi detective. The story takes place in the Netherlands around the year 2030. I'll give a summary later on. I already had most characters in mind, except for the main! Tall, young (about 28 years old), not very experienced, his father is already a chief-commissioner who wants his son rise in ranks and of the streets as soon as possible. He only needs one murder-case to solve and then he would be of the streets.
So I was on my way to the academy, I sat in the train and wasn't even thinking about the character. But I looked up from my newspaper. And there he was! I quickly made a sketch unnoticed, and 'Inspecteur (Detective-Inspector) Lucas van de Welt' was born.

Sketch I made in the train, February 2009 (I thought)
At the moment I don't have the time to work on my own detective-stories, but I better keep myself in some good shape, and work on one of my favourite hobbies.

Since this occurrence, I trust to rely more on coincidence. For example, I don't force titles for stories, paintings or comics. I just let them come up! Because sometimes the answer is right in front of you.

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