zondag 15 januari 2012

DI Jack Caffery

It was about time for a post again, and some drawings. When I get the time not to work on my own projects or commissions, I draw favourite characters of the books I read. The first I did today is DI Jack Caffery, from Mo Hayder's 'Birdman' (2000). I find it on of the most darkest detectives I had ever read, so when I make this 'fan-art'  I try to work it out in a style that would suit the story. So in this case I chose Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's 'From Hell' (1991-1996)

I'm not sure yet if this is the only one I'll make of DI Jack Caffery, perhaps in a few months I'll try another style like David Lloyd's 'Kickback' (2006). But for the next time another character first.

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