zondag 29 januari 2012

Detective Sunday #2: Detective Lena Adams

Todays detective of Detective-Sunday is detective Lena Adams of the Grant County series by Karin Slaugter. The style I derived it from is of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.
I chose this style because I find it airing the county feeling. I might give it another try, since I'm not really into the American drawing styles, but I'll get a chance when I work on another character of the Grant County series. She also didn't came out as hardened as she get's to be from the second book on. But I still need to start with the fourth book of the series so I'll get back to Lena again.

But that's for the next Detective-Sunday.

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  1. Nice. I picture her differently but the expression in her face and the atmosphere is very nicely put.