zondag 5 augustus 2012

Detective Sunday #4: Det. Sgt. Westie

Again I didn't quite managed to take a day off during sundays. A new assignment I took, really takes a lot of time and it has a very short deadline. Even though, after a little time in between I was able to finish a detective. Detective Sergeant Westie is a character I created in style of the crime-noir comics-series Blacksad.

My mother's dog is a West-Highland White Terrier named Stefke. A very cool but quite stubborn dog. So the ideal basis for a character in the comic series. And since canids are most often police officers in the series, I thought of this one as well for a detective. I also took some inspiration from Martin Lawrence's appearance as ex-con Miles Logan and then posing as Detective Malone in the movie Bluestreak.

For the first time I watercolored the inked drawings. Never done it before and got the time to use watercolor for comics. I might give it a chance for a next time.

The characters of Blacksad are always well worked out. 'The animal for the character' as would I say. A German shepherd as a police commissioner, a orangutan as a blues musician or an arctic fox as a member of "Arctic Nation", a racist political organization similar to the Klu Klux Klan. Just to give a few examples.
If you get the chance, you should really check out the comics. Not just the artwork is awesome but the stories are very good as well.

That's it for this Detective Sunday. Not sure when the next one will be posted, but just check the blog to find out! So stay tuned!