zondag 3 april 2011

What works?

Stephen King's N, a digital graphic novel

This week I... well.. Ok. I watched the digital comic adaptation of Stephen King's N. I'm still more used to say: "read comics." This also occurs when I say that I listened a book instead of that I read a book, since I listen to audio-books. I get to that later.

I was under the impression of this graphic adaptation. I was partially dragged into the story. I did a quick analysis and summarized what I liked and disliked.

The story of a man obsessed about a creepy place and discusses it with his psychiatrist, who then inherits the obsession of his patient, fascinates me and is stimulated by the pace, the story is told. The drawings done by Alex Maleev, colored by José Villarrubia, really emit the atmosphere of the situation the antagonists find themselves placed in. There's not to much of animation, what could almost make it just another sort of short-animation.
It can be viewed on small screens like a mobile phone or on the website. Almost exactly the way that I can imagine the form of the digital/animated graphic novel. There are 25 episodes, of each 1.30 min.. Now they can all be found on the website, but in August 2008 you could download a new episode every week or so.

So let's get to the 'dislikes'. I wasn't very fond of the sound-design. It was overdone, which leads to separation in my experience: The images, and the sound. I find they should be merged. The voices where way to fast. In a way it contributes to the atmosphere of the entire story, but this is just what I mean with putting pressure on the audience. I favour to decide my own pace.

Because of dyslexia I have some trouble reading books. I tackle this by 'reading' audio-books or radio-dramas. Like with books I can decide my own pace and, depending on the reader, get dragged into the story most of the times.
Two of my favourites are: 'The Whole Truth, David Baldacci' (Hachette Audio) and 'De Moker, NTR' a radio-drama. The Whole Truth is very well read and some scenes are supported by music, playing softly on the background. I remember I rewind some scenes because they were so cool!
De Moker is a Dutch radio-drama about the battle of De Wallen, Amsterdam. The voices are done by well-known actors. It's like you're listening to a movie! Watch a small making-of down here!

So!? Well simply saying: combine the 'like'-elements of 'N', with the elements of the audio-books and radio-drama right? Not just yet! I hope to check out the digital graphic adaptation of Watchmen, The Dark Knight and Sparks.
I'm also working on a thriller set in Amsterdam. I'll post the designs of the main-characters very very soon! Stay tuned!

Might you just have a MUST SEE tip on a motion comic, let me know!

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