vrijdag 15 april 2011


Okay. I'm actually not really into the superhero-stuff. But since I find it hard to find Watchmen, Sparks and Invincible (Because I don't want to pay for them to watch at the moment) I started to review some other comics.

The first I would like to discuss a little is 'Spider-Woman'.
From the first moment on I really liked the intro! Just like the start of a movie added with sinister music. Right after that it starts of in a dark environment and continues until the end. The design and drawings happen to be the style just how I like it! Dark and intense! As for the motion or animation: (Let's keep it animation ok? We're already having trouble defining 'graphic novel') I find it well balanced. It's a little on the edge, but just enough not to get me annoyed and saying this is a cartoon. The voices are well recorded as well as the rest of the sound design. Not like different layers placed on top of each other, but a right mix!
And not to forget the character and story. It stays a short period but I felt kinda fascinated with the main character. When she is thinking, a reverb is added to her voice. It gives way more draft. The conversations are not to fast and are much more easy to follow than N.

The second is 'Gifted' of X-Men.

To be honest, I watched it for only 4 or 5 minutes. This is just what i'm not  looking for. For as far as I'm concerned, this is a cartoon, and I was not amused. The sound was quite good. But it's just that the animation was too much! No further marks.

I still hope to get Watchmen as soon as possible and post a review about it. As soon as I found what I'm looking for, I'll also give you some insights into the story I'm writing for my animated graphic novel.
Stay tuned again and have a nice weekend!

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