woensdag 29 mei 2013

Crowdfunding goal reached!

We made it! The crowdfunding for the graphic report about Sound Central Festival has made it’s goal. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the project!

Also after two weeks of writing and drawing, the reportage for the newspaper is finished. More information about the publication in the Dutch newspaper very very very soon! One week after publication I’m allowed to publish the English version of the comic. Sorry again for not letting everybody know, but the entire focus was on developing the comic for the newspaper.

But is it done after this with the comics about Sound Central Festival? Not on my watch. The festival was great, I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations, I’ve seen so many things, but it’s just too much to include in just one article. So there’ll definitely be some follow-ups during the rest of the year. I can’t say it’ll be every month or two months, since developing comics just takes a lot of time, and I’ve also got other projects to work on. I promised also to tell more about Kabul and how I ended up there. YES!! In a few days!

I can't even put some teasers online about the newspaper comic, so in that case a few pictures that eventually didn't make it to the comic.

So more news coming soon. Turn it up!

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