zaterdag 22 december 2012

Yeah! Painting again!

Almost forgot how relaxing painting really is. After all I hadn't done it anymore since 1,5 year.

There you're standing again.. In the studio, right in front of that painting you started 1,5 year ago. Quite an awesome piece in size (1.00 X 2.00 m) and an image of some kind of apocalyptic chaotic city in panic. What was it meant to become? Will it become whatever it was meant to become?.. I wasn't sure but since I wanted to finally start painting again. I began emptying some paint-tubes, meanwhile I decided to began working again on the sky and strengthen the contrast in the painting, and began blending colors. 

Oh by the way. Usually I post detective or comic related items on this blog. But besides comic artist, I'm also occasionally a painter. This is what I also like to do, so why not blog some about it?

I wanted to make the sky more sinister and ominous. Elements like airplanes were supposed to stay or come back if painted over. I short-studied some images and let the painting began. Contrast was strengthened and the sky began to become what I wanted. On the other hand it began to look also like some kind of tidal wave. Best part was I didn't had any sense of time. Just wasn't aware. Only the first half hour.

I returned a few days later with a bitter liquor with the mind set on: just continue and see where it goes. 

I liked, and still do, the idea of a tidal wave so that became the focus of the evening. 1,5 year back I placed some electricity poles in the image. They reinforce the depth because of the different sizes. When painting them over, they were being swallowed by the wave and not only reinforcing the depth but also the chaos and panic.After 3 hours of working it's a good moment to sit in a chair just in front of the painting and let the image do it's work. That's when start making plans for the next session. Leave the wave for now, continue with the anchorman in the middle, bring back the airplanes, detail the buildings, bring back the electricity poles, anyway more enough to work on.

But damn it feels good to paint again!

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