dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Don't watch Readmen! Read Watchmen!

I tried, but I could hardly finish the first part. Boring! It reminded me of an audiobook I listened a few months back, Face of Death by Cody McFadyen. The book was awesome, but the guy reading it had an annoying voice and he was reading it very slowly, so that I had to speed it up with VLC-mediaplayer.
Watchmen is awesome too. But not the animated graphic novel. The voice is well done and the sound is well mixed, but why have only one voice for all the characters? If it's necessary to use voice-overs than make sure you have the right voice-actors. But I rather have my fantasy make up the voices of the characters. With only one voice-actor you are almost forbidden to make up your own voices for the characters. Next to that, voice balloons appeared in different forms to illustrate whether it's a thought, an aggressive undertone, a nuclear effect (in case of doctor Manhattan) etc. etc.. In this case you get a struggle between the reader's own interpretation and the voice-over.
The animation is well balanced, but it's not adding anything to the original Watchmen. So I was not impressed!

When I think about the way that animated graphic novels and comics are being introduced and published, then I see it as follows;
Blockbusters (Watchmen), expanded stories (I Am Legend) and superhero-stuff take care of introducing the public with the new medium. Programs can be developed to make it a suitable medium for new media devices (like smartphones or the I-Pad). In a while new stories, new characters, new worlds, new scripts can be introduced to fully test the animated graphic novel. And in my opinion that should be right about now. Enough testing and playing safe. Let's take the gamble, what's there to lose?

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